hey, it’s me!

Business first…

Please feel free to call me Tricia or Trish!

I am a Master Professional Makeup Artist, Luxury Bridal Makeup Specialist, Artist Educator and Coach based in Southern California and I absolutely love what I do! I am based in Redondo Beach but if you promise me a pupusa, quesadilla, donut(s), or a vanilla latte I will wake up at 3am to get to you! Not kidding.

I was born in Compton, California, grew up in Houston, Texas, and have spent most of my life living here in Gardena! Fun fact: I lived next to a bayou in Sugar Land, TX and I used to catch tadpoles and frogs in jars and keep them as pets for a few days! I had a lot of warts hahaha!

I am an only child and I am super close to my amazing parents! I started doing makeup when I was 14 years old and I can honestly say that doing makeup is my dream job!

Both of my parents are from the Philippines. I can understand Tagalog and I have visited my family there 4 times! I have a face full of freckles (yes, I love them). I am a makeup artist who rarely wears makeup. My favorite colors are green and lilac. My birthday is March 23, and I have a beautiful chubby pitbull named Nova.

And last but not least, my goal is to make you feel so beautiful and confident on the most special day of your life and to provide incomparable luxury services with attentiveness and unparalleled quality.

This is just a snippet of my story, and I’m excited to hear yours! If you want to know more, you can click the link below to hear more about exactly how I got here!

xo, patricia



here’s the deal.

This is my promise to you.

You will ALWAYS be able to get a hold of me and I will always respond to your texts and emails quickly. Your face will perfectly match your neck (we don’t play those games here)! Your eyeshadow will be freaking amazing and blended to utter perfection. Your makeup will be impeccable and timeless. I am incredibly detail oriented- down to the eyelash. Your makeup will look absolutely flawless in all of your photos- natural light and flash photography, day or night, far away and close up. You can cry, and please make sure to dance the night away! Your makeup will last.

I will always listen if you have anything on your mind or any suggestions. Your day is about YOU, not me. I will provide you with as many excel sheets and schedule adjustments as your heart desires. I will NEVER double book. When you book with me, your wedding day will become as much a priority to me as it is for you!

I will communicate effectively and cheerfully with all of your amazing vendors! You will not feel like I was in a hurry or I rushed to leave. I will never be late or run behind. I will be professional, helpful, and have a super positive attitude! Oh, and we will definitely laugh. 

My entire business has been build on TRUST. I credit my success to my hard work, but more importantly the first few people that totally trusted me! My goal is to continue to create relationships with my clients rooted in trust, transparency, and connection.


patricia in action