Real talk.

I truly, madly, deeply, love what I do.

I feel very grateful that I experience vocational bliss and (pardon my french here!) I do great work because I give a shit.
My artistry is more than just the makeup… it is truly my service to this world and to you. My goal is connect with you, listen to your requests, execute your bridal vision flawlessly, get to know you, make you a laugh, and of course, have a little fun!

If you’re looking to book a Makeup Artist to be a fly on the wall, throw the same look on everyone, do a party of 10 in 5 hours, and immediately pack up and leave… we may not be the best fit. And that’s okay! You deserve to book with someone that vibes with all of your needs!

what I offer is a little more than that




You’re not just another client and I’m not just another vendor.

We’re friends!

I am super duper committed to providing unparalleled quality service; that includes responsiveness and reassurance throughout your planning process… and so much more.

I take on only 35-40 weddings per year because I don’t feel it’s fair to my clients if I’m booked to the brim and over worked. You won’t be getting my best work if I’m physically, mentally, and creatively exhausted.

I pride myself on being very organized and solution oriented and I truly mean it when I say you can text or call me if you need anything at all!

When you book with me, you are not just a block on my calendar, we will get to know each other and I will be there to reassure you and basically be your confidant and hype woman during our time together. WOO HOO!!!



This one, in my opinion, is under rated.

Here’s how I see it…

Keeping a positive and light hearted atmosphere in your space as you get ready for the most important day of your life is so important. I truly can’t stress that enough. #PositiveVibesOnly

I will most likely be one of the first vendors you see on the day of your wedding, and if we have the pleasure of hanging out all morning and afternoon, I will likely be your personal beauty and bridal sidekick for the majority of your day!

Getting your makeup done doesn’t have to be bland, boring, or stressful (in fact, if you book me it definitely won’t be).

My ultimate goal is to make sure you are enjoying yourself, feeling calm, and looking amazing :)



What I’m all about!

I want makeup to be more than just a box on your checklist.

Having complete confidence in the way you look and feel on your wedding day is priceless! I hear too often that brides who went cheap on their makeup say they regret it or had a bad experience and it makes me so sad!

I want us both to be screaming from the rooftops and doing happy dances about working together!

Unlike many, I do not require any minimum requirement to book. I’m all about quality over quantity!

I genuinely enjoy curating a look specifically for you- to enhance your features, to make all your glam visions come to life, to truly connect with you, to make sure you’re having a great time, and to see you inner confidence SHINE!

Eeeek! I’m getting excited already! Haha!


don’t just take it from me
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This is your friendly warning that I will get super excited when I do your lashes.

I wasn’t kidding when I said I love my job. I geek out over eye lashes and I really just can’t contain my excitement at your stunning beauty!

#SorryNotSorry :)